Rise Child, Rise.

There is a slumber upon the Earth that has lasted too long.
A quiet surrender, tempered silence, a smothered song.

The shadow of the mountain cast over the rose.
The poison of man while the spirit dosed.

The lies of those in golden threads.
The mistaken consent of those bowing their heads.

While rivers are poisoned and our air is choked.
Refugees fleeing, children dying, fires stoked.

Women in gutters, selling bodies and life.
The elite on white beaches, ignoring the strife.

When a child's body is worth more than their soul.
When one class believes they are worth more than the whole.

When entire species of animals are slaughtered extinct,
and plastic straws kill turtles, but make it nicer to drink.

When treaties are broken because they are considered too old.
And the Black Snake coils through our last clean water holds.

Language and culture stolen from indigenous tribes.
When the body of a lost child washes in with the tide.

When a woman's virginity is taken, defiled and torn.
Her freedom of choice stolen; another baby born.

When dope is easier to get then medical care.
When black oil is more important than the Ears of a Bear.

Teen suicide in Utah is the leading cause of death.
Our air polluted, business is booming, but I can't take a breath.

My child, my child, this world is a dangerous place.
I've seen the ends of it, and questioned her grace.

I've learned that Light is a fragile thing.
And those silent, must make the CHOICE to SING.

The sleep has gone on too long and must wake.
Rising with peace, but it's the stand we must take.

When daughters, sisters, and mother's refuse to be second class.
Claiming our place side by side- not First, not LAST.

Teaching our sons a different way of being and living.
Raising a generation who isn't taking but giving.

The dark night is lifting; on the horizon there is light.
We are small but we are bold, don't underestimate our might.

There is a voice, a message a new song that's waking.
The shackles and cages, the glass ceiling breaking.

A new dawn is coming, the embers of truth igniting.
The blaze of new freedom, music, the torch lighting.

My child, my child, remember the LIGHT is inside.
And I will stand here with you as you Rise Child,

Katie Jo

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