What is Shamanism by Katie Jo

The word "shaman" is a fairly relative explanation of one who is tuned into and aware of the subconscious worlds beyond the physical reality.

There are varying opinions of what every Shaman can and should be able to do but essentially, Shamanism is a blanket statement that encompasses many practices with basic similarities.

Across the globe there are different "tribes" and cultures with their own "spin" and perspectives of what Shaman is and can do but generally it is agreed that Shamans are practiced in navigating the Spirit Worlds of the Upper and Lower Dimensions and bridging those dimensions with the Middle World (3rd dimension) and carrying messages to and from those realms.

What is also significant, is that Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice on the planet. Before structured religion, Shamanism was existent in virtually every village and people. Before the witch hunts made spirituality outside of brick and mortar walls dangerous- people revered the Shamans or witches as "Wise Ones" regularly seeking their council and remedies for ailments.

It is important to note that people tend to do what works. For thousands of years, people sought the guidance of Shamans because their guidance worked.

At it's basis, Shamanism is the awareness that all life forms are connected by one life source. This life source is known my many names including "God, Creator, Great Spirit, Grandfather, Grandmother, etc" and this life source has many variations of Light.

In modern theology or  monotheist religion we are taught that there is one God (typically Male) and that there are SUB-God heads such as Angels, Holy Ghost, Christ etc.

In Shamanism, there is one BEING from which all life sprang and this BEING is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, able to be both and separately both One and the Same and that neither masculine or feminine is better or with more authority but with differing roles at differing times.

This life force/Being, is the current of life within the tree, the lion, the jaguar, the beetle, the human etc. This life force is the Thunderstorm, the sunlight, the fire, the water etc.

Shamanism is the day in day out "practice" of journeying within to that place of "home" where we recognize that we are that life source and as such we are both powerful but humble. Not greater than the garden ant or the microbe- but brother/sister to it. That in that connection to "self" as Self is One with ALL, we can communicate with the Tree, the flower, the rock, the wolf, the snail, the earth, the lightning, the rose and as one with all we are no more significant or less than any. We also know that we have no right to impose our will on any other Being- but we can embody our Divinity and connection to source entirely.

When we do ceremony for rain... it is a ceremony AS RAIN not apart from it.
When we do ceremony for fire... it is the embodiment AS FIRE.

There are many people who believe that to be a Shaman you must be born with a special gift or be selected by the universe in a special way. It is true that many Shamans have been initiated by miraculous ways: overcoming a life threatening illness, being hit by lightning, or bit by a wild animal; but I propose that these experiences are simply experiences that offered the CHOICE to walk a path of spirituality, but the person still has the freewill to choose it.

There ARE pre-destined life experiences that we have agreed to for our lifetimes BEFORE we came to the 3rd dimension; but even with that pre-destiny, we have free will and choice regardless what has occurred.

All people can be Shamans. All people are potentially Shamans. NOT all people choose to be. For some it is easier than others. For some it is more work than others. But the ability exists within every soul because all of us are connected to Divine Light.

For some of us- the path is not for this lifetime; there are other lessons to live and learn- it is NOT better or worse.

Shamans are neither good or bad. Humans are.

Humans make choices of control, power, cruelty and sub-light (darkness) and there are Shaman practices that teach how to use energetic universal tools to execute your personal will.

A person with ILL INTENT will use these tools to harm or control.
A person of Peace and Love will use these tools to create harmony and healing on the planet.

The Choice is up to you.
Learning Shamanism is neutral.
Being initiated is up to the Spirit Realm.

Taking a Shaman course doesn't make you a Shaman and you can be a Shaman with out a course; but learning the path, the processes, the prayers, the rituals etc. assists in your ability to perceive and use universal energies for what you choose. It assists to guide you on your own path of Spirituality (regardless of what personal beliefs you already have) It offers tools of protection and clarity for your path of spirituality.

There's SOOOOO much more to explain and express- but THIS article is a basic explanation of Shamanism. If you have been curious or questioning- I trust this opened up some greater understanding for you.


Katie Jo


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