Buy the Diamond

In a world of false things and promises.
Buy the Diamond.
When all that glitters isn't gold,
Buy the Diamond.
In a photo-shopped world of magazine covers and silicone bodies.
Buy the Diamond.
When just about everything can be synthetically made to "look" like the REAL thing but isn't...

When we as a consumerist society will trample over one another for Black Friday Sales on Thanksgiving Night to get the electronics that will be outdated in less than 2 years in a landfill within 5...
Buy the Diamond.
When our toddler girls wear tiny tees that say "Boy Toy" and kid television shows market making out more than making good grades.
Buy the Diamond.
When Divorce rates are higher than New Marriages and no one believes in RISKING their heart, their finances, their future on LOVE anymore...
Buy the Diamond, because we spend money on designer shoes and jeans and jackets that are out of style the next fashion season.
Buy the Diamond because we buy boats, and motorcycles, and recreation vehicles that sit in our garages as we work our careers without time to use them.
Buy the Diamond because twenty year old women watch reality TV that isn't REAL and ask for the CZ center stone so that EVERYONE else thinks that what they have is REAL.
Buy the Diamond because most of our money every month goes to the tax man, goes to buying groceries and bills.
Buy the Diamond because our life time of money is spent on buying genetically modified food and paying to flush it down the toilet.
Buy the Diamond because we purchase guitars and pianos that sit dusty in the corners that ache to be played.

Diamonds are meant to be worn, to represent something greater, they make NO sense and that is what makes the MOST sense.
They symbolize a PROMISE, something that is REAL if YOU make it REAL. Because just like the pyramids, and Stone Henge, and Macchu Picchu- the REAL stones endure all time.

Because after our long lived lives with short retirements is over, the people we loved most and loved us the most will arrive at our house with cardboard boxes and duct tape to package up all of the things we spent our lifetimes buying, collecting, wearing, toast-mastering our toast in.... and take it all to goodwill.

The Diamond will be passed down as a family heirloom; generation upon generation, it will hold the story of the love, the promise, the absolute recklessness of taking a chance on something that others will tell you doesn't make sense.
JUST like the LOVE of your life.
It's not the one that makes sense, looks good on the books, or you can count on for steady appreciation of investment... the DIAMOND tells the story that you took the leap. You left nothing measured or metered- that in LOVE... we choose VALUE, we choose REAL, we choose what doesn't always seem SMART... but we LOVED, we LIVED, we took the RISK and LEAPT, we left a LEGACY and it continues. The story goes on and a life well lived... is REAL.

By Katie Jo

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