Ecstasy of Snow

Utah, specifically Payson, has gotten some serious snow.

As the Storm began to pile upon the city at NightFall I shoveled. 
There seems to be a silence that accompanies a snowfall- perhaps because people are hunkering down in their dens or the soft pillowy flakes that absorb some of the sound... but the world becomes subtle, and quiet. 

The light from the street lamp near me was my guidance and I laboriously worked. KNOWING that while the storm still waged... the driveway would be twice as high in the morning if I didn't work through the evening.

As dawn broke, my neighbor and I waved kindly to each other as we simulataneously shoveled our parallel yards. The Snow Plows, having done their noble deed of clearing the roads had also barricaded our entire community in their driveways. The icy, gravely, chunks of road snow was thigh high... Most of us had the wisdom to dig a tunnel through it- my single-mom, late for work, across the street- neighbor- DID not.

In her forest green 10 year old Dodge Caravan Minivan... she chose to back out and try to shove her way through the barrier.



Within Moments- Like Ants gathering on a broken piece of bread- all of us (the neighbors) were at her house, shovels in hand, digging her NOW high centered and buried vehicle OUT of the snow. 
We laughed. Put Cat litter beneath her tires, pushed and pushed and pushed until she was free... AND VERY late. 
Then... without words... we went back to our own drives and continued our own labor. 

I was able to get to my own job, arriving at the Diamond Store... I found all the salt and pepper haired gentlemen store owners on Main Street, Small Town USA out working together. Coats, gloves, hats, snow blowers and shovels- clearing the sidewalk. Chatting, panting, periodically resting on the ends of their shovels.

It was noon before they were all complete. Many gathered at the local old fashioned Drug Store next door for hot cocoa or coffee to warm up again.

As MY own SUV was stuck (in a regular parking space on the road) My boss, my buddy Mike, and other good Samaritans dug me out too.

That evening, as I stood in line at the grocery store with 6 pairs of new gloves on the conveyor belt to be purchased... The two women ahead of me were in conversation about HOW HORRIBLE the day had been.

They shared the inconvenience of being stuck in the snow--- and having to have their Father-in-Law or neighbors dig them out... being late for work and the babysitter being late as well. They "WOE-IS-ME'd" for quite a while and I stood silently observing them and witnessing the human condition of perspective.

Strange that I felt my day had been so wonderful. 
I felt and FEEL So grateful to have been given the opportunity - through the snow storm, to watch people serve one another. Strangers coming together to assist one another. Even with my foolish Dodge Minivan Neighbor... there was no judgement or scolding... just rallying to dig her out and achieve the goal of freeing her. 

That day to me- re-ignited my hope in humanity and selfless service and love.

I am grateful. I am STILL grateful.



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