I Called My Dad

Sometimes a girl just needs her dad. So I called him.

"Hi Katie."
"What are you calling about?"
"I don't know. I don't know if I have a reason. I just feel like I need to talk to my Dad."
"About what?"
"I don't know."

This was the beginning of the conversation.

I have a good Dad. I'm one of the lucky ones. 
I can count perhaps less than 10 conversations in my lifetime between just my dad and I, that lasted more than 10 min.

He was a good dad, is a good dad. We did family night and family vacations, he was engaged and supported our family... but there are 6 of us kids.
I don't remember One-on-One conversations with my dad growing up.
Most of what I've been taught by my dad is by Observing him. 
Learning from the way he lives. Working next to him as he taught me to run a lawn mower, use a power drill, power saw, build a deck, lay cement.
Over hearing phone calls he was on with neighbors who reached out to him for advice.
Sitting outside his office on a chair in company of his secretary, overhearing him with clients.
Watching him from an audience as he stood at podiums and spoke his truth.
Accompanying him to the widows homes in the neighborhood on the weekends for service or anytime it snowed to shovel their walks.
Hearing Other people talk about my dad... who didn't realize I was his daughter... and their words were respectful. 

My dad.

I'm sharing his words. They meant a lot to me.

"You are strong. Sometimes it feels like no one is seeing who you are, but they are. Sometimes keeping your integrity doesn't feel like it's paying off... but trust me- it is. Whether people say it or not they are watching and it will come back to you. Life isn't always easy- but hold your head high."

"I'm proud of you. You are doing exactly what I would have wished for you, and trust in God. Everything will always turn out for the best, and if you need me- I am here. I love you." 

I don't talk to my dad often, there are some things we don't see the same way- but I know he loves me. I know he wants the best for me and is supporting me. He holds me in my excellence and encourages me to BE so. He doesn't require me to be perfect- but he continues to be an example of always learning, growing, becoming better and striving to LIVE the way I teach. And when I call him- he's there for me. In this way... he has taught me about God. 

Thanks Dad.


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