I was grateful to have the opportunity to spend an evening with
Tiffany Peterson, world renowned Speaker and Business Leader/Mentor/Coach.
She had invited me to be a speaker at a private event for her small group of elite coaching clients in a picturesque canyon situated by a tumbling stream and pillars of fragrant pines.

As she and I sat quietly alone for a brief moment before the evening began- she imparted this golden gem of wisdom.
"Don't diminish your light. Don't do things that diminish your Light." 

That began a spiral of thought for me which has continued.

Day by day, moment by moment we have opportunities to make choices. Choices that diminish our light or those that awaken and Nourish it. 

We all have our humanness... but the purpose of life is to transcend the humanness. Humanness is the mud we start in. The seed of Divinity is who we are.
The seed doesn't mucker down and say "I'm mud. I'm in the mud. I choose the mud. I may as well behave like mud... because this is where I am." It climbs.
Day by day- choice upon choice- it reaches. It stretches towards the LIGHT without seeing it- but trusting it is there.
It never ceases, takes a break, justifies behavior... just IS.
It grows.

Earlier this past week I was in conversation with another one of my inspirations, Bridget Cook-Burch, New York Times best selling Author, Activist, and World Changer.

We were talking about personal goals and health.
She said "I'm realizing just how much those little choices add up- Positive or Negative." 

I agreed.

A donut isn't going to effect our overall health... but continual choosing of donuts will.

Imagine a light bulb. Glowing brilliant Light- filling the room with illumination. 
One drop of dark nail polish on the bulb doesn't make much of a difference- neither does another... or another.... but systematically- drop by drop the light is smothered. The room is dull. 
As it is with our daily choices. 

We've all been around people who justify behavior.
Aside from frustration with their choices... the bottom line is simply: it's uncomfortable to be around the dullness. Our souls ache for the bliss of Light. 

How many times do I have every day to create change? When no one is watching, when just ONLY I know... do I choose to nourish the light or diminish it?

Do I grow, reach, trust in the Light above and beauty I Am and continue towards or do I stay in the Mud of Humanness?
The Mud has it's purpose... but if seeds justified their muck... we would never have the rose, the soft grass, the redwood.
I choose to Nourish the Light within. 
Regardless of whom is there, alone or in company.
I know that as I do- as I step into the energy of Higher Choices... the ECHO of that energy ripples throughout the grid of humanity and the world... the ECHO of energy of "When I am faced with the opportunity to justify or to lead. I choose to lead, lift, and be LIGHT."

THIS is the reality of the Power we each have. Whether alone in a shack on the mountain or in the city... our choices ECHO out beyond us- every choice a musical note; creating the ballad of Energy this World is singing. 
As I Am aware of that-I Am accountable for that, and conscious of it. 

Choose differently, choose higher with every choice. Your choice may be the donut, the tv show you indulge in, the music you listen to, self discipline, returning the pen to the bank... but energetically it effects those whose torment and choices may be vices like hate, prejudice, child abuse, sadistic pleasures, or more.
As we CHOOSE Higher... the energy of HIGHER Choices fills the WORLD. The ECHO penetrates their environment too.

We often ask "How can I make the world a better place?"
The answer is simple.
By our individual choices. Large or seemingly small. 



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