Havasupai Arizona, Magic and Mystery of Native Nations

I'm home from Havasu Falls, Arizona.
My heart is full and my emotions are mixed.

The pristine turquoise water competes only with the turquoise stones adorned on the wrists and neckwear of the Native People there. Symbolizing Father Sky.
To me; Lemuria and Atlantis.

The waterfalls were not only majestic- but awe-inspiring. I had seen pictures ... but until I stood beneath the tremendous power and energy of the falls- the experience of the sheer force of movement blasting me like a torrential wind without even standing beneath it- I could have never understood the true essence of the Water energy.

I am contemplating the FOUR elements as I write.
The Air (hot and humid, like breathing in when I blow dry my hair after a shower)
The Fire (The sun that layered over our bodies with blanketing and suffocating heat)
The Earth (The presence of thousands of souls and footfalls that walked those red rocks; an oasis in the desert, the magnetic Iron in the hills that draws tens of thousands to it annually)
The WATER. (Lyme filled water that offered repreive from the heat, healing elixir- life giving. In fact, we drank from a fresh spring the entire stay)

I didn't realize before I was there just how challenging it was to get permits to visit this sacred and hallowed ground. I couldn't have adequately appreciated the effort until I had been there.

During the day, a moment of pregnant silence would be upon me as nature swirled around and the sky was speckled with Ravens and Hawks and Eagles. Their sillohuettes among the sky was as common as a swallow or robin would be here in the valley.

Dragonflies, Butterflies, Yellow Canaries leaped and floated and sang in a chaotic symphony throughout the stay.
A traffic jam occured on the trail one day to let a small frog the size of a golf ball make his way across the thoroughfare. The next day... a 4 foot black and white striped snake duplicated the journey.

I was there for two reasons.... at least I thought I was there for TWO reasons.
To do Drum Circle with the TIGABO EVENTS Retreat.

To teach a drum making workshop to a select few.

What I learned I was really there for was to open my heart and be imprinted by the energy of a land and people untouched by Western Tradition. A place so remote that the village is the last remaining place to still have mail delivered by horseback.

Everything in Havasu felt amplified and engergized. I felt ALIVE and I felt at peace.
As we soaked the buffalo hides for 2 days in the flowing river before they were tied by my class... I felt the land thanking us for creating healing tools. The water, the mountains, the sky there offering GRATITUDE that the energy and healing and pureness it still is, could be infused in these drums and healing tools to become echoes across many lands. That the CRY of the DRUM to return to honoring Mother Earth could be heard and felt by all those who hear the beat... where ever they go.

It was humbling.
It was holy.

I Am forever grateful.

The Three 18" Buffalo Hide Drums Made in the River.

18" Buffalo Leather hide drum with Horse Mane from the Horses who live there and work with the Native Tribe. 

 18" Buffalo Hide Hoop Drum, light colored beautiful markings $495

18" Buffalo Hide Drum beautiful marbling on front

I only have 3 drums available that are created and from Havasu, please email if interested


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