The Red Drum

We've all heard it.
Everything is Energy.
In fact.... We have all OVERHEARD it.
I speak it... I say it... AND... I feel like it's become over used- new age-repetitive goulash.

So, let me offer a deeper insight.
YES, everything is ENERGY but at a more intense level, everything is FREQUENCY.

What is the FREQUENCY of the energy around you? What is your FREQUENCY? Your/Our personal imprint and resonance on our environment?

Sound, frequency, energy are all intermingled and united.

I spoke alongside Mallika Chopra, Deepak Chopra's Daughter, a few weeks ago. She shared about her book addressing personal and powerful intention; I shared about frequency and sound.

You see, I asked all those attending the 2 day I AM Holistic Living Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to write their "TRUTH" upon my drum.

The red drum of passion and freedom and truth; with the hand print of my young son carrying the energy of the next generation; the hope they have for our world and the responsibility WE have to take care of this world and to protect Her and Her children.

Name after name was added. Words after words were added. As they wrote, the energy grew and the sound and SOUL of the drum deepened.
Each time She was struck, the tone was different. I watched as the words of truth emblazoned across her face and her destiny awakened.

It felt as though I was witnessing the birth and full growth of a giant redwood tree growing up to maturity before my very eyes.
As her voice cried out with every beat throughout the conference- unknowing onlookers would gasp at her echo.

Frequency isn't just something you can hear- but something you FEEL.

As the conference rose to crescendo, I was the final presentation- the last speaker to close and the last words to say before the audience returned to their personal lives.
The pressure of leaving them with an experience that could shift their lives for the better and leave an impression of light upon their hearts and open them to their own truth was upon me.

I stood and I held the red drum, the one with THEIR VOICES captured in Her echo and we drummed.

I asked them to stand when ready- only if they were willing to stand as an emblem of moving forward and DARING to step into their LIGHT, to LIVE FROM THEIR HEART, to be WILLING TO BE THE CHANGE.

We drummed.

Not one soul in the auditorium stay in their seat.  Including Mallika, including the other leaders and attendees and children. In this moment, we were and ARE equal. In this moment we stood together and committed to BE who we REALLY are.
LIGHT. LOVE. The POWER of One as we are ONE.



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