My Light will not be drowned.
A Light house a Beacon on hallowed ground.

I stand as brilliant as I may be.
Not for you... I do it for me.

The ships may waver and face the deep.
Their journey is theirs- not mine to keep.

I do not go searching amongst treacherous waves
I do not dive into the danger and watery caves.

I Am light. I am LOVE. I am Tall.
I AM horizon. I am Solid. I am the Call.

A Lighthouse a Beacon upon the shore.
The LIGHT the Window. Nothing less. Nothing More.

I SHINE for me. I AM for us all.
Whether or not the ships sailing crash or they fall.

I Am LIGHT. I am Hope. I am the Flame.
Not for nobility, recognition or fame.

Because given the chance to be dark or burn Bright.
I will stand tall. I will choose to be LIGHT.

Katie Jo 


  1. Very sweet and touching. Thank you did you wright that?


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