Joan of Arc was killed for wearing Pants

When I was about 5 years old I had a good friend a couple years older that I watched as they learned to ride their bike without training wheels.

The wobbly winding of the wheels; the final accomplishment as she exuberantly rode 10- 15- 30 feet down the gravel road.

I remember being inspired, invigorated really. Passionate about learning to break the shackles of my own training wheels.... to soar down the road in freedom; to feel the breeze through my never combed tomboy hair.

Of course I decided to learn to ride also....
It turned out .... I was pretty natural at it.

Of course I found myself on the perch of my yellow banana seat sailing on two wheels only down the road in front of my childhood home.

Up ahead- I could see her... the 7 year old on the grass with a handful of friends. I called out to their circle ecstatically "LOOK!!!!"
they looked...I approached at rapid speed (roughly, 3-4 mph)

Her head turned to me and without thought, she skyrocketed to her feet, charged into the road at a run, and pushed me over into the street. It hurt.

I got road-rash.

The bike a little tangled and scuffed.

What I couldn't seem to comprehend though was how someone I loved and adored so much could have animosity for me.

"Don't you know how much I love you?" I felt.

Looking back, I know... we were kids. She was 7. She had just created a major success, and thought perhaps I was in competition with her... perhaps even robbing her of what was "hers."

I contemplated today one of my dearest SHEROES.... Joan of Arc.

He story inspires me mainly because she was content to sit in the garden and live her life out as a maiden of no name. But it was the voice- the call of greater things that she arose from.

I carved a drumstick gathered from France with one of her quotes.... "Act. And God will Act."

She pressed forward. Against all odds, against all resistance.... she trusted her message, trusted her intentions, and above all lived in a way that continually connected her heart to God.

Buuuut.... as it sometimes goes- those she trusted turned her over because of politics. In fact, her following had grown to the extent that they were worried that she could somehow take the loyalty of the people away from them- diminish their coffers and power.

She was killed for wearing pants.

Imprisoned, subject to trials and questioning over and over- her intentions were in alignment with her Creator, her accomplishments and loyalty without question. Indeed- they could not tarnish her reputation or deny her results. The miracles manifested as she had walked forward in her calling.

But, in prison- in order to protect her virginity from the guards- she wore pants. Which was illegal.
She was burned to death for impersonating being a man.

So, I reflect on her life. Her story as it has been told over and over again. I honor her. I love her. I thank her.
I revere her courage. I am humbly inspired by her resolve and her pain as she looked to the one's she loved and felt "Don't you know I love you? I would never betray you?"

And I think....
We must do what we are called to do.
I must follow the guidance within.
I must press forward when the battles rise. I must follow the whisperings of the voices that say "Continue on... it will work out."
I must trust.
I must know that regardless the outcome in my life--- however it ends...
I must step forward. Live as my heart calls me and if the flames engulf me... I will know- I listened. My intention was pure.
My heart is free.
My love is real.
My mission to flood the world with LOVE and LIGHT.... accomplished.

I must ride the bike.
I will embrace and welcome the road rash.
Having the memory of wind through my hair, arms outstretched, sailing on asphalt.
I'll take that over sitting on the sidelines of life... ignoring the call to be more, live more, contribute more. LIVE my Purpose.

It's safe on the sidelines.
But that's not what life is made for.

Katie Jo


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