If I said NOTHING else in my life....

What is your message?

If I said nothing else it is this:

There is Divine Order and Light. I know this as God. 

Mother/Father God. So perfect, so loving, so pure, so intelligent that we build ALL our scientific data and knowledge on the calculations and order provided by this phenomenon. 

Chaos is human created. 
WE have the power of intention and free-agency. 
Where GOD is... there is PERFECT order and Peace. EVEN amid HUMAN created horror and pain...the PRESENCE of GOD/Peace IS there and may be felt according to free-agency.


The lilies in the field, the sparrow in the nest, the tree in the sunlight.... ALL receive the peace, love, and bounty of God almighty without judgement of themselves or debate on their worthiness. They simply OPEN, TRUST, RECEIVE. 

The POWER of GOD is what heals. This is NOT subject to ANY HUMAN/3rd DIMENSION prerequisites. 
Human realities like gender, right/wrong, specific rituals/religions/locations. 

It is the POWER of GOD, the MERCY and LOVE of Him/Her that heals, that serves, softens hearts, opens us to LIGHT. Angels Administer, it is our FREE-AGENCY to receive (aka Faith) that allows or blocks this abundant Compassion for all. 

My brother Jesus taught me when He explained over and over "Thy Faith has made thee whole." Or when He gave glory to God and explained it was God- NOT He who facilitated the healing. My dear brother served as the catalyst... the emblem who gave those around him the courage to receive. It was HE who DARED to say "I AM ONE with GOD.. and SO ARE YOU." that allowed those near him to trust in their own Divinity- their OWN DIVINE RIGHT to receive. The COURAGE of He, who dared to CLAIM his Noble Birthright and remind us all the our BIRTHRIGHT is the same.

Remember- Humans created the prerequisites for healing... Just like the Pharisees of Old had rules and financial requirements for the saints to receive... and Jesus taught a different way. 
I AM here to share with you that WHATEVER you have done, WHEREVER you are, God's light is available to you. 

Go to the churches, the temples, the mountains; live with self discipline and measure and service.... do this because it TRAINS us to learn to be RECEPTIVE to God's Light and LOVE... but do NOT be deceived that it is NECESSARY in order to receive. 

God's miracles, love, and mercy are FREE. ALL it takes is Faith like a mustard seed that you DESERVE it. 

~ Katie Jo 


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