I AM Mother

It's Mother's Day.

I Am painting drums (my Sundays) and I stop to write this message to you.

I ponder "Mother" Oh dear sweet feminine Mother. Angry belligerent Mother, compassionate Mother, Lazy, Industrious, Saint, Sinner, Religious, Slut... Mother.

Mother. Creator of Life.

Dear sisters. We are human. We are here in the 3D. (Third Dimension) 
It would be beautiful to be the "IDEAL Mother" but if you aren't ... just BE Mother. 

We are the holders of NEW hope on this planet. We are the sanctuary for the child's heart.

WE are it ALL. We are Goddess, we are Savior and "Grounders to your rooms." WE are the knee scraped bandagers, we are the UP in the MIDDLE of the night CRYING over our child's choices Mother.

It is a noble and beautiful calling.

Whether you have had a child from your womb, or you nurture hundreds around you and hold out your outstretched hand to another... You are MOTHER.

Oh SISTERS... if you are like me and have empty arms that ache for one of your children who live on the other side of the Veil... I honor you and humbly acknowledge YOU this Mother's Day. I cannot express the way it feels to have life that grew inside of my body... be buried beneath the ground... but I AM STILL Mother to HE.

I walk the path that hundreds of thousands of women have walked on this planet... even our Sacred Mother Mary. I AM still MOTHER even if my lap is empty as I sit in the rocking chair.

We stand together SISTERS... we usher in NEW generations and possibilities on this planet. WE ARE the STEWARDS of PEACE. 
WE shift our planet as we raise this next GENERATION to know LOVE. 

I stand WITH YOU.


  1. Sweet and touching Every Woman should read this post with gratitude and a knowledge of the Divine gift of motherhood namaste


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