The Keys for Heart

I recently got to experience a woman in a group of people from diverse backgrounds sharing that so-n-so didn't deserve to be in the group... and another so-n-so was too good for the group.... etc.

How strange.

This is what I know --------------- about EVERYONE:

Every person I meet, every person I encounter, every experience I have... is a KEY.


Each person, regardless of bank account, education, positive or negative attitude; has a key for me to unlock a part of myself.
IF I judge and reject the keys... I reject and regress or waylay my GROWTH, my compassion, a part of myself that I get to know and learn and heal. 

You see, as I unlock the the chains I become MORE and MORE free. I am more clear and focused on WHO I AM and what I am here to do on the this little planet in this lifetime.

ALSO.... I have a KEY for them.

This isn't an ego statement... it's that we ALL have the free-agency to experience sharing, growth, LOVE, learning from one another. I can't possibly LIVE every personal perspective in this world- but as I am open to all other perspectives.. I am NOT threatened, my beliefs are NOT in jeopardy... I am enlightened. 

Gather the Keys. Share openly (in compassion not "BEING Right-ness) Offer the Keys you carry.... and then let us ALL choose whether or not we utilize them for freedom.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” ~Pema Chodron


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