I was asked by a friend a while ago "Do you believe in the Church or not?"

I answered "Which Church?" 

Let me clarify.

I believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent.
I believe that the way to God is through the heart.
I believe that Angels appeared to Joseph Smith and that he did in fact translate the Book of Mormon... (using crystals btw)
I believe and KNOW that many people see Angels.
I believe and KNOW that many things are revealed and continue to be revealed.
I believe that Bhuddha reached enlightenment under a tree.
I believe that Ghandi spoke truth when he spoke of Hinduism.
I believe that Mother Theresa was a genuine Saint and prophetess.
I believe that a Jewish Man named Jesus was divine... I also believe what He said when He told me whatever HE can do-I can do (female or not).
I believe that Mohammed was visited by Heavenly Hosts.
I have read the Tao Te Ching and find every morsel within it true and blessed.
I believe that Krishna was in fact a prophet.
I believe in many Jewish Prophets... some of them named Jacob, Abraham etc.

Most importantly, I believe that if it's ALL in Vain... the purpose is to BE all that I AM and LIVE in the best way with the best that I have with the best knowledge and wisdom given at any given moment.

I believe that all of you are my brothers and sisters and we promised on the flip side that we would come to this little planet to serve, to enlighten, to encourage and to LIFT one another... not to argue who or what is RIGHT.

We all have TRUTH. As we SHARE it and LOVE one another... we grow, we evolve we ARE who we came here to be.

I've heard "A man cannot serve two masters...." I've contemplated and pondered that. 
Church is not the Master. 
My Creator is. 
I have always, and will always serve Creator. Which church I choose to serve isn't the master, just the bench I sit at while I do serve. 

The CHURCH we sit in as we connect to Heaven isn't as important as KNOWING that I AM THE KEY that unlocks the gates.

Spending time looking outside of MYSELF and the CHORD of LIGHT, the CONNECTION to my CREATOR in a building or organization is fine... but only as long as I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW that it is all an opportunity to REMEMBER that the HOLIEST of TEMPLES is ME. 


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