Be the Tree

The hour before I rest at night is precious to me.
My children are tucked into their rooms and beds. I have them surrounded by the love of their Grandma Made Blankets and I have quiet time.

During this time, I pray, I read, I meditate and then I write what my heart speaks to me. I call my Angels and then sleep.

Often before I drift off to sleep I say out-loud: "As my body rests, the Goddess within is ever awake; creating manifesting and bringing me joy, love, peace and prosperity. I call upon my Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters to teach me and speak to me through my dreams that I may receive the messages I deserve to know and they are integrated into my subconscious. Let me remember whatever serves my highest good when I wake. Heal my heart, my body and soul." 

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A few nights ago before I sank into the softness of my bed and pillows I wrote this:

It's time to be Magnificent.
Be the tree. Be grounded and rooted but flow and dance with the caress of the wind. 
Cradle those who seek shelter in your branches and nurture new life like the Robin's eggs in their nest. 
Open to light and nourishment. Receive the Sun and warmth, drink in the rain and let go of the leaves from Summer's past. 
Rest when the world is cold but never give up, hope in the birth of new life- BLOSSOM.
Reach for the light and stars and sky. There is no ceiling to your growth.
Stay rooted in the heart of Mother Earth- let her Love keep you secure- but stretch and grow and embody your magnificence and radiance. 
Honor and glorify your divinity- never diminish it or apologize for it. 
You are Light. 

Photo by me
Painting by me


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