The Rainbow of Consciousness

It's easy to recognize here. Here- this world, the physical world. It's easy to see it, pay attention to it.

But there's more. 

Everything on this earth has a Frequency Pattern. 
The Frequency Patterns are all connected like spiderwebs across the Earth. 

The connection to Spirit, Vibration, Consciousness, etc. 

All of us have what's known as  a "Soul" a Higher Self that sees all, knows all, is in contact with all other Higher Selves.

We are attached with a Crystalline Cord to our Higher Self.

This is similar to what it looks like: 

Whatever SHIFT we create on this planet, in physical form... SHIFTS within the Consciousness of the Cosmos.
Anything you are struggling with (WE, US, I Am struggling with) that comes in the form of Temptation, Stress, Discouragement.... etc... IS OUR opportunity to SHIFT it collectively.

Life is Frequency and Vibration. When a STRUGGLE... like losing our temper, comes into our space, and we MASTER the energy--- the SHIFT goes out through the GRID, through ALL the WEB and EVERYONE receives the LIFT/SHIFT.

SO, the GREATEST SERVICE we give to HUMANITY is to Master Self-Discipline, LOVE, PEACE, Patience... etc.

Sometimes we walk in circles of despair (ME TOO!) asking why I chose the life I did, why the people in my life are doing or did what they did, why I had to go through the painful things I did.... 
and the answer is::::::;;;;;

I Chose it because looking down at our Little Earth Mama from the Pre-existence, I saw the things I wanted to SHIFT and knew in order to do it I GOT TO CHOOSE IN to the situations to Master and SHIFT the energy. SOME things ONLY occur in PHYSICAL FORM. 

AND WE ALL have SPIRITUAL SUPPORT, our own HEAVEN TEAM who's engaged in our efforts.


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