The I AM

The words "I AM" are the most powerful words on the planet. 
They are the two words that NO ONE else can speak FOR YOU.

No one has the authority to DEFINE WHO YOU ARE... the two words "I AM" are the declaration to our world that I CLAIM who I AM.

The I AM is a choice. 
The I AM is a moment to moment choice. 
It is NOT "I WAS"


IN THIS MOMENT I CHOOSE WHO I AM--- in spite of the past, of the high expectations of the future, regardless of what my parents are or friends.
I AM in this moment whatever I CHOOSE.

I Am a POWERFUL, COMPASSIONATE, RADIANT Being of LIGHT committed to share, spread and increase the LIGHT and LOVE in our world.

I spent decades HATING myself for what I thought I was, for what I had done or had been done to me, for what I looked like, for who I was told I was or wasn't... EVERYTHING that isn't even real.

What is REAL is my ETERNAL soul. My TRUTH. MY purpose, MY moment- the moments that string together to create ETERNITY. 

In every moment I HAVE THE POWER of CHOICE. THE CHOICE as to HOW I SHOW UP and the way I REFLECT WHO I AM.

I've spent the past few years asking kids, parents, cancer survivors... to tell me WHO they REALLY are.
I declare and trust that when we as humanity begin to SEE each other for who we are... who we ALL really are... we create world peace.
I know that as I CHOOSE my I AM I also choose the way I approach the world and SERVE my fellow soul brothers and sisters.

I am on a mission of DIVINE REMEMBRANCE for us all. Bring it on.

I am photographing  THE I AM MESSAGE photos TOMORROW 11/22 in SPRINGVILLE at the public library.
at 10 am til NOON in support of an event towards healing heartbreak after suicide loss. 


  1. Beautiful! I have goosebumps! What a beautiful message to share with the world. Love you Katie Joe! PS may I share this?


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