Somewhere between AWAKE and ASLEEP...

I found myself somewhere between awake and asleep- The place where there are no LIES or TRUTH... just imagery and experience and sensations.

I have little 3x5 cards and a pen next to my bedside for these moments.

Here are some of what is written on them:

We all have RHYTHM- because we all come from SOURCE and the UNIVERSE is in perfect HARMONY and order and balance and RHYTHM. Connect with THAT and you will have your "BEAT."

Love without expectations. LOVE is a CHOICE.
Some people learn what LOVE is through being ~LOVED, others learn what LOVE is by  not being loved. The Gift is the OPTION TO CHOOSE LOVE.

~I love you. I love you in the "I want you to have everything you ever dreamed of in your life way." not the "I love you and want you to give me everything I've ever wanted way."

~I Believe that the guitar or drum ache to be played. When music flows through them they are most joyful, living their full potential. Most people live like a guitar on the shelf.


~My hunger for light was unsatiated and searching. I now realize it is and has always existed within me. I didn't come to this world to find the LOVE and LIGHT  but to BE IT.

~Dear God, I surrender to you all my thoughts and debts. I open my mind to receive and channel You through me in a way that serves the World.

~I won't speak OLD WORDS to you and expect you to find NEW WAYS of living and being. 
I will not regurgitate religion or packaged philosophy-retelling reasons told to me- without my OWN personal pondering and revelation. I will tell you the TRUTHS as I KNOW it to be- at this time, at this height of the trail on the mountain. ALWAYS open to new comprehension and truth. New VIEWS and perspectives as I continue to CLIMB this lofty peak.

~Forgiveness is ours. ALWAYS. God never withholds FORGIVENESS. The Process we sometimes take to "BE FORGIVEN" isn't about worthiness, but about opening to receive what is ALREADY FREE_FLOWING.
It is Done.


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