Probably Karma I guess.... Stupid Karma

So this just happened.

After 3 weeks of having a broken washing machine... and taking it apart, YOUTUBE-ing the fix it stuff... calling my "GO-TO" people to see if they could do it; and ultimately ordering the part to repair it..........

I replaced it all my little Single Working Mom-Self... and as soon as the last bolt was in and the water began to fill... I teared up.

Single Mom moment. The "I can make it" moment. The "I'm going to write a blog-post about women's empowerment that's the bomb!" moment.

I started putting the tools away, loading the washer, etc etc.

Glancing back------------------ the agitator is STILL not moving.

It didn't work.

I stood still and watched the NOT slushing around water.

I reached in and hand washed the clothes.

Because we deserve clean clothes.
And Mom's do that.
Take care of stuff.


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