It's strange to have people know me...

I assisted with a Gala. A Charity event that served the Women's and Children in Crisis Center, thousands of women attended, it was a successful and cherished event.

It was odd and surreal when a beautiful woman came up to me and called me by name and was super excited to talk to me.

I asked "Why do I not remember you?" I felt silly but I blurted it out... She knew a lot about me and I was going crazy "trying" to place her.

She told me she "follows" me on Facebook.

The Drum Circle Goddess.

                                                                        Photo Credit Robin Johnson Photography

This is the third time this has happened.

It's strange to me.

I'm just Katie Jo.

One of 5 daughters.
Normal. Average hair, height, size, weight, looks, intelligence.

I've never been someone to stand out in a crowd. I've never been someone I've considered to be proud of being. But I have seen and felt a lot of pain in this world. My own and others. I looked for Peace and Love in the world... and didn't find it.

I decided to create Love within- even if only temporarily. If it's alive within me... then there is one place in the world it resides. (IF I choose to hold it there)

I see people coming to drum circle. We counted 150 people at the last one. It was powerful, fun, spiritual--- life changing.

I show up, with drums and sticks and a playlist on my ipod.

It seems so strange that people see me.

I speak at drum circles and implore my new and dear friends to make a new reality by shifting the patterns we dance to (physically and metaphorically)... not because I've achieved it- not because I've fully learned to conquer fear or find love for myself ... but because I just felt like someone had to do something... and I thought "Well, I'm somebody." I hate it when other people tell me what to do... it wouldn't be fair to tell other people to fix it.

I like people to dance. I like to see them laugh. I like to see them wrap their arms around each others shoulders and lean on one another. I like to see people step in to serve and bless one another outside of agenda and judgement.

SO, I found a way to do it, and it's working.

But I never really thought people would notice me for it.

I'm mostly just open the gate and those who arrive... walk through.

Photo Credit Robin Johnson Photography


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