The People Like Mountains

I am so grateful to have been raised in the protective embrace of Utah Mountains.

As a young child, I stood with my classmates on the asphalt playground while our teacher, Mrs. Wallace, was explaining North, East, West, South.
It was as simple as knowing the Big Mountains were East. As long as I knew that- I could find the other directions.

Yesterday, I was in a small city I rarely pass through and I was unfamiliar with the rural roads and dead ends. My compass was the Mountains. I trusted that all I had to do was keep going South- using the Mountains as a reference and eventually I would find the "Ol' highway" - which I did.

As I drove along the ripened farmers fields and dirt roads I realized that for me- I have been blessed with people like Mountains.

People who I reflect on; remember,and show up. Because of the way they are and the way they live... I trust that I'll find MY OWN way. 

The people that often arrive in my life or to my events and I look over to see their face among many faces and a sense of peace and comfort washes over me. I know I'll be alright. I know there are those that love and support me. My Mountains. 

I'll navigate, I'll do what I get to do, say what I get to say - every so often glancing over at their beautiful faces and know where I am and where I get to go next.

Life is like that too. "Good or Bad", "fun or not-fun-at-the-time" experiences that have been the Mountains of my life story. The things that shaped who I am; direct my way of living, being and the way I make decisions- even the way I choose to love. The Mountains. 

Here, East is where the Mountains are. In Native American Culture... East is the direction and Spirit of New Beginnings, of Hope, of seeing the world through new eyes and innocence and humility. 

May we all have our "Mountains" May we all have our People Like Mountains.


  1. Beautiful inspiring words that create pictures....for me as a child I had mountains to the east and north, beaches to the west or south..until I learned to use a compass I could always find my way..It is amazing the people that show up as way show ers...Light players really as it is fun to be a Beacon of Light!! Way to Be!!


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