Diamonds and Divorce

We are drawn to our perfect relationships.
The perfect opportunities to evolve to the greatest extent.

Whether harmonious or disharmonious... we are drawn to the relationship that will cause us the greatest growth and opportunity towards our potential.

A woman sat across the glass counter from me. She was discouraged and despondent. Her hair was colored blonde, but it was clear that as a child that would have been her natural color; her nails and clothing pristine; her make up flawless.
Between us was a large diamond ring set in yellow gold with many smaller diamonds accenting the bands. It sat there silently; to her- mockingly.

"We were married 25 years." was all she said as she stared blankly at the ring. Something that had once meant so much- now served as a painful reminder.

Originally, she had intended to sell me the ring. At the Jewelers Store I manage; this is common. But what we pay for a ring isn't what she paid for it retail or what it's "worth" persay so she sat thoughtfully, dejectedly.

She had already explained to me how her husband had left her for a younger woman. How her semi adult children were devastated. How she had never worked before but was now facing the reality of caring for herself.

"I can't believe I wasted all that time. Just to have a failed marriage."
She wasn't really talking to me anymore.

"It wasn't a waste of time and it wasn't a failure." I responded and this statement brought her eyes up towards my face, conscious again of the moment, suspicious but hopeful in my words.

"What do you mean?"

"You learned.
Life is about learning. You spent 25 years learning Love, patience, forgiveness, parenting, partnership... you learned in ways YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE or COULD HAVE-had that man not been in your life."

I could see the glimmer of understanding begin in her eyes.

"The goal in life isn't a 'Happy Marriage' the goal in life is to evolve to Mastery, to know our power and divinity... and EVERYTHING we do and experience is TOWARDS that goal. SO every relationship and experience is a SUCCESS ------- IF we make the choice to learn from it. That is the gift."

She cried.

Then we took her Old Diamond Ring and disassembled it. We pulled all the stones out, used the large diamond as a trade in and took the small diamonds to create TWO Beautiful Gemstone Pendants with a halo of diamonds each for her TWO daughters with their birthstones.

We CHANGED the story of the ring into a gift from their Mother (and in a way from their Father too.)

Katie Jo is the Sales Manager at Duke's Jewelers, a family owned diamond store thriving for 7 decades. Specializing in Custom Design, Repair, Bridal Jewelry and Appraisals.

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