The Light and and Liars

At different times I am sitting in a crowd listening to speakers.

When people mean what they say they GLOW.
It's beautiful.
I don't always agree with them, but see that they absolutely mean and believe what they say is truth and it is their LOVE that begins to radiate around them. They stand as a light house on a foggy morning.

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When people stand and are filled with passion, speaking to a crowd and are inciting them to join in a cause of anger and hate... they don't glow, but the darkness around them is like an octopus whose poisoned tendrils extend out over the crowd and begin wrapping and winding around them until the anger is choking infuriating.

MOST of the TIME.... there is nothing.
Most of the time.... I see people speaking who want to appear to believe what they say, appear to have passion and truth... but they are repeating OLD words that sounded good and want to sound good to others.

It is our HEART or our HATE that changes the world. 

I will not echo down the message of those who have stood high upon the mountain.

I WILL CLIMB and as I climb I will tell you what I am learning; what I see from where I stand- and as I climb I know with every step I RISE and my perspective changes- my view expands and my heart is opened. 



  1. Having been on both sides of this, I can completely relate. Thanks for putting it into words. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Thank you my friend. Me too. ps. I saw you speak Monday. :) You were beautiful.


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