The I AM Message

We came here to shift the world. 

We sat amongst the stars and watched humanity suffering but also saw threads of hope, love, truth and compassion. 

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Every one of us chose to join the movement of LIFE here on Earth.
We weren't as concerned with our singular selves as we were with the WHOLE.

We saw our Family, those already living on this planet and said "I'll go. I'll go for us all."

We chose our body, our family, our parents, our challenges, our path. We chose- not knowing the thickness of the veil, not capable of understanding the darkness and heaviness of the THIRD dimension.... how could we? We ONLY knew LOVE and LIGHT.

We chose the lines we would walk because we knew if we SHIFTED and TRANSMUTED the DARK to LIGHT... then we BREAK THE CHAINS of Ancestry and Posterity and loosed the SHACKLES that bound family lines... THEREFORE.... generation by generation, we shift the ENTIRE world to LIGHT.

Here on the Earth Side of the Coin FLIP... we became distracted. Distracted by getting the house, the car, finding another to love us... (we forget WE are LOVE and SELF SUSTAINING) and the pain and the illnesses, etc etc etc.... and we forget the INTENTION we had to SHIFT dark to LIGHT.

BUT............ When we CLAIM who we are..... When we make the INSTANTANEOUS CHOICE to say  "THIS IS WHO I AM!!!!!!!" and then LIVE by THAT CODE...... 

We take the step towards changing the world for the better.


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