The First Kiss

Journal Entry:

The First Kiss

We met as the sun was growing lazy. It wasn't "Sunset" yet- but all the world was becoming more golden and the heat of the day was relaxing.

He had come from a long day at work and used a wash cloth to cool his neck and face and hands.
We talked and laughed and shared stories and music in the front seat of the car; windows down- cool breeze occasionally swirling through the cab.
As the sun began fading and the first star or two dared to venture the evening sky- melancholy took over me and I knew the blissful lapse from the march of "real Life" was coming to an end- we sat in my car cab and replaced our kicked off shoes and our conversation became wistful and longing as we each wished we could stay a while longer.

The song played; "On a Night Like This I Could Fall in Love" and the melody caressed our final moments. "Dance with me?" I asked knowing it was time to say goodbye and also remembering our casual joking from a time long ago about dancing under starlight.

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So, we stood close to the car, night time settling in and he wrapped his arms around me while my own arms clung around his neck.
The music was low and curled over us like ribbons.
My heart was pounding as we moved to the music and it felt like a dream.
His cheek was rough and unshaven next to mine and as he breathed I could feel the heat of his breath flow down my neck and pool at my collar.
The music continued wafting over us and my whole body began to shiver. The desire to taste him; to feel his mouth pressed against mine and the "Rule Book of Right and Wrong" battled inside me; the tearing of conflicting emotions pulsated through every vein as I fought to leave and simultaneously fought to stay.

Just feeling his face so near- his mouth so close, his breath on my ear... the next thing I remember is the kiss.

My lips reached for his like a hand that always finds it's place in the palm of it's lover's.
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My mouth- his mouth crushed against each others, gently, urgently, graciously, hungrily and I finally got to taste this man.
Gasping for air we kissed and kissed and kissed and I held him as if he were all that kept me from being swept away in the flood of emotion.
I never understood the adage of  "TIME STANDING STILL" - but it did and as soon as he touched me- I knew I knew him. I knew his kiss, his mouth- even his body.

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