The Day My Husband Left Me

My husband and I moved into different levels of our house 6 months before he left.
I lived on the 3rd floor, he lived in the basement.
He left to Nebraska.

Here are some excerpts from the 5 page journal entry:

Journal Entry May 2011

"I've been asking myself why I let myself be powerless and feel powerless in my life and why I let myself diminish myself and allow FEAR to dictate whether or not I could say and know 'I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am worthy...'

"I get that I was searching. Searching for a place to belong because I never 'BELONGED' to myself but to the opinions of those around me and that they swayed me and my course in life like SAILS shifting with every wind.

What I know now is that the winds are only there to serve me and not to sway me. Regardless of the direction of the wind and the force of them these are MY SAILS and I choose where I go.

Even though I've spent times going in circles and being maneuvered by the whims of OTHERS- I am learning how to shift MY sails. I also see that when there isn't blustery days- it's okay to weigh anchor and revel in the peace of a smooth and symphonic ocean as it cradles and rocks my soul.

I am blessed. I am at peace."

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