We are Earth

I sometimes hear the phrases  "climbing the ladder" or "taking the next step"  or "reaching the next level..." these all refer to life as LINEAR.

I see life as SPHERICAL.

I've never left something behind... beliefs, people, lessons, religions, education, etc. What I have done is grown larger and pushed the limits, still embodying my past and all the experiences that were there while expanding to know more.

So many times we compare ourselves to others... this is very linear too. Comparison. Seeing others as higher or lower, farther along or not as far as us... I do it too sometimes- just being honest.

But as I look at myself as SPHERICAL than the image of Mother Earth comes to mind;

At any given time, somewhere on her, there are volcano eruptions, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. Sequentially, there are sunrises and sunsets, cool breezes and beautiful meadows.

Relationships, learning, acknowledged truth.... EVERYTHING in our lives is SPHERICAL.

At any given moment there are things working well in our lives - the Meadows... and there are things that are imbalanced - the earthquakes.

I, myself, have often judged myself for the chaos... the issues of health or lack of enlightenment I am experiencing while discounting the Roses, the Mountain Stream, the Sunrise along the horizon.

We are always expanding. I will always have "areas" that deserve balancing and in other "areas" I will be balanced.

The contrast is Perfect.

~Katie Jo

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