The Angel at the Baby Graveyard

This Angel watches over the Baby Graveyard in Utah. Because I stop by there most Sunday Mornings, I have been waiting for the perfect overcast day to capture her image.

Art creates.

All things are energy.

It was Michelangelo who said "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."

As an artist myself, I paint native american hoop drums and carve ceremonial staffs and drumsticks.... I wait until I see the painting or design in the piece and then, I trace or carve what I see. 

What I also see, is energy.

Everything, living or synthetically altered has an energy flow. It moves.

Trees move like waves on a calm ocean and a pulse ripples up from the ground through their branches. The heartbeat of Mother Earth.

All living things have a fairly fluid movement, a spiral, a water like movement, a flow.

The more synthetic an item... manufactured chairs or countertops, plastics etc...  have a vibration or movement that reminds me of bees buzzing. Static.

So, what I know about Artwork....

Paintings and sculptures have massive movement. Photographs not as much. Advertising... not much- that is more like the static.

The movement has nothing to do with the image... but the artist. Something dark and angry has as much movement as a water lily scene. 

So, I learned from the time I was small, that what we surround ourselves with (artwork, posters, clothing, jewelry...) is CREATING.

I have never liked synthetic jewelry. It feels different. Even as a teen, I only wore silver and stone. 

The Angel.

Knowing that the energy is creating, the intention of the Artist is continually flowing through an art piece and that true artists channel in Divinity... 

I love her. She watches over the babies spirits and comforts the people who come to sit, and place flowers, and to cry. 


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