Sunday Meditation

Sunday Morning Journal Entry

I began the day at the cemetery. I whistle to the birds and thank them for watching over Jonah and the other graves here.
Today, I etched a "sacred circle" in the dirt and greeted the sunrise within it. 

I took my shoes off and walked the perimeter of the grass plot block- I know that as a Divine Being, my feet bless Mother Earth with every step. 

image credit all that you can not leave behind by Anastasia Volkova on Flickr

I stopped to see a large green beetle who was dead. As I looked, I thought "It is fitting that here he lay- amongst these others." and the knowledge came through me that while the small beetle means very little to my life- that HIS life to him was AS important as mine is to ME.

I was now nearing the last part of the paved path that led to where I parked and as I walked I began to walk along the interlinking cracks and wear in the pavement. I remember that as a child I would do the same thing. Trailing along the crooked lines in the road that skirted my house. 

image credit Pavement Cracks by Mike Sly on Flickr

I did the same and saw how if I continued along a crack-it connected to another and I would eventually find my way to my destination- indeed I would be led there. I learned that the path isn't straight- in fact often it was jagged- but always, when I looked ahead and stayed true to the path- I would reach where I intended to go.

I learned and REMEMBERED also that just like the cracks- we are all connected. Life is a web that includes God- the web is 3 and 4 and 5th dimensional- extending into heaven while on Earth as well.

I came across a patch where a very active colony of Ants filled and spilled over the gravel I intended to tread. I stopped. I crouched. I watched. 

The activity made no sense to me; it was busy and to me- CHAOTIC, BUT  I also realized that it made perfect sense to THEM and to the colony this was perfect order- to them they worked together in partnership as they created abundance, prosperity, survival and thriving in their world- oblivious to me.

I stepped over carefully because I know that for me to walk my destiny and achieve my end- it is unnecessary to hurt or harm another on theirs unintentionally. How easy is it to step wider- reach farther- in order to forego harming.

I reached the car... I took this book out and sat by the tree that grows in a gentle spiral near where Jonah's body lay... and I am writing. 

My IPOD is on and as it plays the BREEZE lifts and swirls around me with the melody... I can tell the DEVA's and Angels here love it. 

The birds are singing across the sky to each other above me and I am grateful to be here. I am grateful for the messages and teaching Mother Father God gifted me this morning.

Image Credit

I am full of love and I am blessed while also feeling melancholy. I am here at my son's grave- but I know I am here to learn... it was the pain that broke open my heart and through these cracks- I allow the light to shine in and out. I wonder if I would have had a softened heart otherwise- but wondering is irrelevant. What is now... is what is. 


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