Bridget's Staff

I am a "pocket philosopher" but I'm also an artist. 
I routinely create paintings/artwork on Hoop Drums. 
This is a Goat Skin Bodhran Drum 18" 
I facilitate Hoop Drum Circles. You can see more about them here:

I am routinely asked to carve drumsticks, and staffs.
Staffs are Spiritual tools. They tap into the energy of Mother Earth and Channel in the connection to Father sky. Many are adorned with crystals, feathers, special items.
Every image, intention, word or design created upon a staff or drum INFUSES the tool with energy that begins immediately creating upon it's own.
So, while Staff's have their own inherent qualities, what I- the artist, lovingly craft into/onto the piece, stays with it forever.

Here is Bridget's Staff. One of my most recent commissions.

Peacock Feather and Deer Bone

The Staff. Quartz crystal and Calcite Crystal

Peacock Feathers were carved and then painted and then sealed with an overcoat.

Naturally... a Butterfly. If you know Bridget than you are saying "Of course."

 There was a natural Snake Head in the Staff. Snakes represent new beginnings, shedding old skins and past pain or history, the henna design is a Fractal that reminds us we are ever growing, expanding, learning and there is no end.

 I love the snake tail. :)

Finally The bottom. A Deer Hoof.
Deer Totems remind us that there is GREAT POWER in gentleness, and assist us in knowing Self-Love.

(Staff Carving is usually $150-$200 )


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