The Sound of Dark and LIGHT

All things are sound.
All things are vibration.
Scientists can literally use technology to "HEAR" everything now. Including you.

LOW DRUMMING tones clear and balance. HIGH tones then "FILL" with higher resonance and vibration.

I was meditating one morning a month worth of Sunday's ago. There's a peaceful cemetery I visit where some of my dear family is resting.

As I sat with the sunlight awakening, the sounds around me began to "distract" me.

The chain of the flagpole 100 yards away was tapping the metal like chimes, in the distance along the old Route 89 highway there were LARGE Diesel trucks trumpeting and chugging, and then of course the birds were chattering back and forth amongst the trees.

At first, I thought "I suck at meditating. I can't keep focused."  but then....

Instead of "listening" to the noise... I recognized that just like drum beats and crystal bowls and flutes... these are simply "SOUNDS" with different energy signatures. It is ME who was in judgement of them as good or bad, beautiful or noisy.

What I also know- is that there are NO accidents... the sounds I experience are there to shift the "tones" my own personal rhythm. Even a random airplane flying overhead is no mistake.

SURE, we can choose the type of music we listen to and we can choose to engage in music with dark energy and hate... but when I SURRENDER to the experience...

the rumbling engines are just low drum beats, the flagpole chain is bells chiming, and the birds songs are flutes that fill my cells with higher tones.
My RHYTHM begins to shift and I accept the gift of every situation.

Just like the Taoists who teach BE WATER... take the shape of the teapot, the kettle, the bowl... Be water, be willing to shift.

Here is a photo of what different SOUNDWAVES look like. This phenomena is known as CYMATICS.

learn more about soundwaves here:


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