The DANGERS of Church Going

Here we go...................

Any and all religions serve humanity in different ways. They serve to teach discipline and commitment and basic foundation that there is a Higher Source of Enlightenment and whether the "followers" of such structured theological practice actually FOLLOW what they learn there... the organizations DO serve a purpose.

Are they necessary? No.

(May I remind you that Buddha sat under a tree and Jesus went to the Mounts.... but BOTH had a foundation of religion before they achieved their enlightenment)

SO..... the DANGER.

The VERY fact that people are attending church... leads me to assume that THEY know that we live in a Spiritual world with layering levels of consciousness and dimensions.
In other words... there is a lot more going on than meets the EYE... (the physical eye)

At church, there are sometimes hundreds of people gathered... with them they have their Angels...(we all have Angels with us) and those Angels honor us with the highest LAW of the Universe which is FREE AGENCY.

                                               (St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland by mbell1975 on Flickr)

Meaning; they are perched, poised, and ready to assist us at ANY moment in ANY place in ANY way... but honor OUR free-agency by waiting for US to ask before they intercede.
It is OUR asking or the CALL to Action from those who love us that unshackle the Angels. (Parents-call Angels to watch over your children)

In addition to the ANGELS, there are other beings.... those who don't honor ANY laws or respect our personal freedom... in fact, there are those so bent on destroying us that they seek to attach to our auras and feed on our light... In a weird and strange existence they CRAVE the light--- but hate us for having it.

Some of these beings are those who have passed over and perhaps have addictions to things (aka drugs, alcohol, sexual issues, etc) that can only ever REALLY be experienced in a PHYSICAL body... so they are routinely attacking others with those addictions in order to attach to them and experience THROUGH the physical person the addictions they are seeking.


Imagine the congregation sitting piously in the cathedral singing hymns; now realize that IF in fact we live in a SPIRITUAL and physical world, then all these people are surrounded by demons AND Light Beings.
Those who serve truth and love and free-agency and those who don't.

The Dark Ones are abnormally agitated and frustrated and tripling their efforts in order to keep their "persons" or objects of focus from Peace.
They do this by MIND CHATTER... gossip, judgment, self-condemnation, rage, doubt, whispering unworthiness, disease etc etc etc...

The PURPOSE of the opening of the meetings with prayer and the original dedication of holy buildings was/is intended to repel beings of Darkness; creating a LOCATION that naturally HOLDS the LIGHT that is pure and uncomfortable to Dark Beings, but when PEOPLE bring them WITH them... they are there.


Go to Church- if your heart is calling you to do so. But ONLY GO WITH PROTECTION and teach your children to call upon their protection as well. IT IS A LIE That there is ANY PLACE The HOLY SPIRIT CANNOT BE, we are the GATEKEEPERS and we HOLD THE KEY... but again- it's up to us to open it.

Here is a simple protection I use for myself and my children.

"Calling my Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides; My Ancestors and Posterity who are of the LIGHT; to stand as GUIDES, GUARDIANS and SENTRIES over me, my children, and home. Surround us in LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT, speak to and through our HEARTS. Protect our bodies and minds, open our hearts to give and receive LOVE. And so it is."

Use this every morning, or when you are facing a challenging situation, or sending your kids into school... Use it for ONE week and see the difference.


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