Food For Thought on Food Storage

In lieu of many of the recent natural disasters occurring across the world, there is a renewed admonition from many communities to increase and build a Food Storage Supply. This is good advice.

However, I am often surprised at the lack of vision some people have concerning the “doomsday” mentality- assuming that some barrels of wheat and water will do the job. If those barrels make you sleep easier; then by all means get them and get lots of them.

I have also been perplexed by a number of people who are simultaneously building their food storage and weapon supply. A woman recently explained to me that it was important to have the weapons supply she and her family were also increasing… “In order to protect the food storage- Naturally.”

Here are some things to consider; being prepared for natural disasters is a wise and valuable activity- having clean water and food and even guns/ammo in order to hunt and provide is a wonderful practice, but remember that we must also be emotionally, physically and intellectually prepared as well.

Emotionally, are you spiritually centered? Are you able to hear the guidance of your heart and intuition? This will be vital when the “world has turned upside down.” When you are emotionally distressed, has it become habit to turn to others, to chemicals, to television, or thoughtless entertainment to soothe your emotional pain? If that is unavailable, how will you cope? Spend time now, also building your center of self. Meditate, Pray, Connect with Nature. Learn to recognize that our SOULS are eternal and there is peace WITHIN us even when the rest of the world may be without. Practice connecting to that part of yourself. Kids are involved too… it can be gratifying as a parent to teach our kids to turn to us for solutions, but it is most VITAL they learn to search within themselves for their answers and how to problem solve and to think critically.

Physically, are you healthy? Are you active, do you climb and walk and eat moderately? Are you free of addictions… not just to drugs/pharmaceuticals, but to sugar? Caffeine? Dairy? Can you run? It seems so silly to live a sedentary lifestyle and build a supply of food storage. EXERCISE. Learn to treat common ailments with natural herbs, taking vitamins to boost immunity, stretching/yoga, or other activity. Did you know with just 20 minutes of physical activity a day- MANY health issues are DRAMATICALLY reduced? In a country where almost HALF of our annual deaths are OBESITY related, it is valid to consider that focusing on optimizing our health matters. Is your body PHYSICALLY prepared to ward off infection and disease or heal quickly? Are the chemicals in your body balanced by proper diet, moderation, high fruit/veggie/fiber intake?

Intellectually, are you able to care for yourself if the world we live in were devoid of modern conveniences? Can you garden? Can you use basic tools? Can you sew? Can you cook? If the financial institutions failed, the supply of electricity failed; turning on your hose to water your flowers… didn’t work- could you survive? Learn the basics of gardening, recognizing edible plants from poisonous- HAVE FUN LEARNING TO FISH!!!!! There are tons of great tutorials about being self sufficient, using less energy, cooking outdoors, how to make cleaners, soaps, shampoos out of common household items… You can find many of them on Pinterest! There are many options like essential oils that treat minor and major ailments with little side effects and unlike pharmaceuticals- most have no specific shelf life- lasting for years.

In closing, and in reference to using weapons against our fellow human beings; brothers and sisters, to save food- I won’t do it. I won’t make the choice to watch my neighbors and their children starve while I have supply. I understand protecting my children from marauders- yes. But if I have supply to give, I will give it. If I have medicine to give, I will give it. We are all in together or all out together. Saving the cookies is less important to me than saving a life.

I’ve  heard the arguments of; “it’s either us or them-or of the ten virgins with or without oil…” I boldly reply there is no "US and THEM." There is WE. If my life is shortened by extending the life of another; then I die with peace in my heart and no regret.

Summing up; Food storage is important. But remember to Emotionally, Physically, and intellectually prepare as well.

Katie Jo Welch

2013 October


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