Shadows and LIGHT

I sat silently in a beautiful Meadow. A Vortex in Sedona, AZ.
Vortexes are places where the energy is powerful. So powerful that you can see the trees and plants growing in swirls....

As I sat I noticed a beautiful Shadow Cast upon the large RED ROCK cliffside....and I observed
how Shadows are seemingly ALIVE...
They grow and diminish throughout the day, they shift from side to side, they stretch tall and shrink small... in fact- all day they are engaged in a magnificent dance of creation. 

As I pondered this I wondered.... "Do Shadows have consciousness? Do they have an awareness? Are they alive? Do they know they are really just an illusion? A semi-reflection of something that is REAL and ALIVE and TANGIBLE?"

The moment this question formed in my mind---- I heard a small voice in my heart whisper:
"I wonder if HUMANS think they are  REAL... or do they know, they are just a reflection...?" 



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