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How to Fight Nice

I wish there were classes on how to fight.

I'm not talking about debate in high school- but relationship fighting classes.

I have witnessed that people who are abusive don't think they are. They often just justify having a bad day.

Here are some examples:

A woman I know was attacked by her husband. Harmfully and violently. He went to jail for an extended time. Her friends and family did our best to rally around her in support.

In her healing journey- she turned to alcohol, suicidal tendencies and out lashes.
No one can blame her. I sure don't.
But in this abyss of pain she began to become demanding and controlling in her messages and texts.
"If you don't come over, I'm killing myself."
I wasn't baited. I called the police.

Another text said "You're too busy to be there for me! How dare you- F*** YOU!"
I replied "I get you are in pain. Your text is abusive. Don't justify your OWN abuse because you've been abused."

You se…

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