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The Shaman View of COVID-19

The Shaman View of Corona Virus
The Shaman way has been idealized and sensationalized through media, books, and movies. 
There is an idea that Shaman’s are something special. Even in my own experience, participating in Shaman groups and networking- many people who seek the path of Shamanism are they who want some type of superpower. The reality is much less exciting but still intriguing. ALL people are potential “Shamans.”

The ideas that Shamans can communicate between worlds and to Spirits- is true. But you don’t have to be titled “Shaman” to do this. In every religious philosophy- the leaders and prophets are said to do this. 
But every human can do this- it’s called prayer, faith and a deep desire for answers when the heart is in turmoil or the concern for our family welfare is present. 
So, where is the difference, and what does a “Shaman” have to mean? Particularly when the world is in a crisis?
In a Shaman perspective; all things in the physical world are manifested through the…

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