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Pregnancy Diaries 1

20 Weeks:

When the technician was pausing and concentrating administering our first ultrasound and then left the room to retrieve the doctor, I knew something was different.
Now, the doctor sat before us with a neutral tone and blank face explaining there was a small heart murmur in our baby boy and that given my age, (41) this could be a red flag of other things.

As the doctor paused; presumably for us to respond: I had no words. I looked to my husband, who clutched my hand, and locked eyes with him.

The moment was brief but poignant.

Junior broke our gaze, turned to the doctor and set his chin as he spoke.
"It really doesn't matter what your devices say. They don't account for me. I've got good genes."

Later, that night, I sketched while we rested in bed.
My husbands heart, my own- together; we would give our baby the strength of both.

The Beginning:

One day in late Spring, I casually mentioned to Junior, "I wonder if menopause makes you feel pregnant?&quo…

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