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Single Mom and Accountability

Two days ago- I wrote a social media post about being a single mom. The caption to my photo said that the excuse "I'm a SINGLE MOM" isn't a reason to whatever you are using it for.

The response to that post was extensive to say the least.

A really amazing result of that post was one of the MOST powerful conversations I've ever had with my Teen son.

He read the post and responded "That's right."

And, when he read the comments- he said "Why don't you just tell her about all you do? Maybe if she understood she would stop."

Which I answered: "People who are on warpaths- rarely stop to listen to reason. I choose to use my energy otherwise."

But, here's the conversation that ensued.

I think it's valid and important to share it more in depth here.

For Context- here is the original post:

Something I’d like to address.  In 2010, my kids’ dad and I separated.  In 2018 I married again.  In that time period- I went from a Stay-at-h…

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